With Starlink, the Possibilities are Endless

This is my third and last blog on Starlink, for the time being.  While my previous posts dove into how I believe Starlink will have a greater impact on the world that 5G, and how rural communities may be the greatest impacted by this new technology, for this post I want to focus on a vision of what can be with 1GB internet speeds Anywhere.

It wasn’t very long ago that the world lost a 747 airplane, Malaysia Airlines MH370, over the Indian Ocean. Even in this time and age, and advancement of technology, we are still not able to keep constant communication in over 98% of the world’s landmass. With Starlink touting high speeds with low latency anywhere in the world, the possibilities of our current limitations are endless.  Ironically, one of these possibilities is having the ability to apply Artificial Intelligence in real time at the edge.  Considering Elon Musk believes AI is an “Existential Threat” to the world, his own Starlink is the missing component that will exponentially allow AI to be applied anytime, anywhere.  Current limitations with computer power and storage capacity make using AI at the edge near impossible today, but with real-time communications back to datacenters, using AI anywhere now becomes a real-possibility. 

Now imagine, how it can be applied.  Many industries today operate in remote desolate parts of the world. Archeological sites, mining operations, logistical operations, oil exploration, marine and earth sciences all are examples where humans explore, harvest and travel over this earth with no access to high quality, highly reliable communications.  Information they do gather cannot be correlated with other information in the corporate city locations, as a direct result of their remoteness, and lack the capacity to store and analyze data gathered.

Within the Archeology world, technology has not only enhanced these professionals to better find ancient civilizations but improved our interactions with these delicate time capsules.  Now imagine incorporating AI, where past explorations and finds can add to an algorithm to predict in real-time how to best excavate these sites to both preserve and protect their discoveries.

Within Mining, companies now have the ability to improve upon their process automations, while sending critical data back to corporate offices where personnel can monitor and maintain operations without being exposed to the inherent dangers of mining.

And with Logistics, combining real-time tracking anywhere in the world with the ability to now apply resource intensive block chain dynamics, will allow improved tracking and containment of foodborne illnesses that can quickly put people’s health at risk, but also, as we now see with the COVID-19 pandemic, protect our economy from collapse.

 The possibilities of bringing powerful, resource intensive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Block-Chain are now, more than ever, real possibilities, not just within the confines of metropolitans, but anywhere in the world for any purpose we can think of.  The possibilities are endless, and my excitement for the future continues to rise with each successful Starlink satellite launch.

Are there other technologies you are excited about that will change our world for the better?

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